Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Not All Glamour, Or Is It?

Why go to the doctor's looking like death boiled over? It's just as easy to "dress" as it is to throw them in sweats. Our little Fashionista is quite sick today but she was hopeful to not miss school because it is Bring Your Own Bear Day. Alas it was not to be for our intrepid little bear hunter. We started our day early at the wonderful Medical Clinic On Amsterdam and 69th Street.  Clean, quick and easy we can just show up for a quickie Strep Test.

The nurse missed on the first dig at her tonsils which sent Scout in to quite the frenzy. My first job was to block the door. As we tried to talk her off the ledge she looked clean, fresh, sick and adorable, even through the tears.  Charcoal gray is black's softer, cuter sister and for kids it is sophisticated and rich looking.  Scout looks like a sick little French girl in her charcoal j. crew mistakenly shrunken cashmere cardigan (no not by me, don't be silly); charcoal gray silk tiered j. crewcuts skirt with the perfect amount of flounce, target gray marl leggings, dusty rose (oooh blonds look good in dusty rose) rayon peter pan collared top by stella mccartney and her Hunter rain boots. We topped it all off with a sparkly leather anthropologie headband that she shares with her dear ol' mum. Test Positive so it's home to bed, sweats, chicken soup, coloring books and I Love Lucy.

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