Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Roberta Freymann Roller Rabbit Indan Block Print Kurtas Satchels and whatnots

Roberta Roller Rabbit Delightful Indian Block Print Kurtas Bags and Dresses Get 'em here ! Follow the link!
We've come to wait with a tingling anticipation for the Roberta Roller Rabbit Summer Sample Sale here Hampton Side.  And once again, they haven't disappointed -  indeed it's still ongoing and I am waiting for the prices to go down a bit more. I have a bunch while we wait for sale here ebay: Greenstylelist

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh Manolo Blahnik How We Worship Thee

Manolo Manolo Manolo
oooh I just met a woman who had 50 pairs of Manolo Blahniks barely worn to sell - downsizing from the mansion to her wee East Hampton village house. Hopefully they are your size. My personal faves are the all sequins ballet flats, oh no the boots oh too touch to choose just one...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hermes, LANVIN Paris Kiton Janet Brown Armani Manolo Magaschoni

LANVIN, KITON, ARMANI, MANOLO, Jimmy Choo Well the last two weeks of treasure hunting have proven to be very fruitful indeed. Keep checking back as I list as fast as I can go -- great finds to spruce up your Autumnal Wardrobe including loads of Manolo Blahniks at Recessionista prices.
Giorgio Armani black label long wool jacket 
Isaac Mizrahi grass green corduroy shirt jacket 
Mizrahi green scottish tartan plaid wool pants

Hermes silk horse bit print tie 

Hermes Love bird Owl print silk tie France 

KITON JANET BROWN Navy Tuxedo suit sz 8 

Kiton navy pinstripe tuxedo suit 

Lanvin Paris black wool tuxedo plants

Lanvin pants 

Magaschoni Tracy Reese roman  print silk jacket 

Ballantyne Scottish cashmere Golf intarsia sweater  40

Sunday, July 14, 2013

VINTAGE RALPH LAUREN Getting the All American Look

Nautical Stripe, Nantucket Red, Indian Madras Patchwork, Paisley, Cabbage Rose, Classic Plaid, Fair Isle, Houndstooth, Cashmere, Velvet, Silk, Ruffles, Elbow Patches, Safari Jackets and more!

check out all the vintage ralph lauren for sale here :

Ralph Lauren NWT  madras  
Ralph Lauren NWT Cinnabon Sweater 

Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Womens Jacket
Ralph Lauren Nautical Stripe dress S

Ralph Lauren Fair Isle  Sweater 
Ralph Lauren Plaid Ruffle Top

Ralph Lauren Black Label Cashmere Dress
Ralph Lauren Rugby Sweater Dress Suede Elbow Patches 

Ralph Lauren Khaki Linen Safari Jacket 
Ralph Lauren silk Paisley Full Length Ruffle Skirt NWT

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Khaki Herringbone Cashmere Skirt 
Ralph Lauren NWT Nantucket Reds 

Ralph Lauren Vintage Napkin Pants 
Ralph Lauren Cabbage Rose Jeans Remember these?

Ralph Lauren Red Cabbage Rose Twin Flat Pair standard cases 
Ralph Lauren navy Aztec Pair Euro Shams
Ralph Lauren NWT Black Label paisley velvet pants sz 10

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sam Hilu Indian Kurta Kurti Tunic For Him Her and Your Little One

OOOh Buy a traditional Indian Kurta here: I have a great Sam Hilu tunic collection - the perfect summer topper - for dinner or the beach; the kurta is comfortable, easy and ethnically, eternally chic .
All NEW, silk, cotton, poly, big small in every hue, turquoise, sea foam, lavender, goldenrod, pearl, cantaloupe and clementine.
check them out here :