Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did Someone Say, St. Bart's ? Terrific Tunics Nikka, Barbara Gerwit, Corinna Foley

NEW Barbara Gerwit Elaborately Beaded Tunics

OOOOh i love a good tunic - long gone are the days when i was one of the rare few wearing my uniform of ethnic inspired threads acquired around the globe. Lucky for us all they are everywhere.  Here are some really good ones new with the tags, for purchase on my ebay site!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

St. Barts, Let's Go! Calypso, Spectacular Vintage Bathing Kits

Tropical Dreams
What inspires you to dream
of far-flung adventures?
What will you pack? Check out these incredible vintage cotton print swimsuits. I scored them at a yard sale in Bridgehampton and are listed for sale on Ebay. By Best & Co and Tori Richard Honolulu, the cream one looks like it could have been printed by Hermes.
These along with a slew of cute Calypso St. Barts Christiane Celle tunics, dresses and tube tops found in the buried treasure bins, have utterly inspired me to count and combine airline mileage in order to inexpensively, "Give Thanks in St. Barts," to quote a Mermaid Like-Minded Adventurer, I know. Bon Voyage!