Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treasure Hunting Does Your Heart Race When You Get a Great Deal?

Scout is getting an early start in the thrill of a great deal.  Recessionista has numerous sources for finding amazing gems for a fraction of the original cost. And you do too in a spot near you.  It isn't cheap - it's smart, chic and green.On this day, Scout and I venture to our favorite charity event "Buy the Bag." Stuff as many bags as you like and for $25 a bag we often turn that in to hundreds on ebay.  

On this blustery morning, Scout takes a break for her snack and a little Oscar film screen on her IPAD while mom examines the treasures for stains moth holes and the like. She is wearing her northface denali windstopper $2 and our fav working pants heavy gauge cotton Hanna Anderson black boot leg stretch pants 4.99 at Goodwill.
On this day we found Gucci, Prada, Steven Alan, Anne Fontaine, Patagonia, The North Face and mom's favorite an incredible bright vintage navajo print cardigan sweater by Ralph Lauren.
Favorite new designer find incredible print dress by Polarn O. Pyret 
Afterwards we showered up and took our ebay shipment to the post office - not our favorite place but Scout got to pick up the glamorous high heels ala Suri Cruise from her Aunt Courtney who bought these for a song at Marshall's.  She promptly said oh Mommy we must go out to dinner so I can wear them.

Monday, January 30, 2012

For You Cecelia: Kickin' It Into High Gear

Scout's a busy bee with an elaborate social calendar.  This weekend was like a dream come true, Scout spent most of it in an indoor pool at a truly magnificent house in the Hamptons.  For the landlubbers there was castle hopping, cooking, and soccer.
fake left go right
Scout is in her DVF mock up black jersey knit wrap dress with her navy cashmere crewcuts anchor intarsia print cardigan sweater which I paid $35 at the J Crew Sample Sale, worth every penny -- a real go to when playing by the sea.  The combo is all her own including the add of her Mini Boden brown leather boots. Mom always said, make sure you've got cute (ok she said clean) undergarments, cuz you just never know. Scout's always well prepared in her amazing printed Claasen wear, picked up at Building 19 with Auntie Malia for about 2 bucks a piece. In this case, she has on her classic camouflage print boy shorts.  The unique style choices for a little game of yard "football" was no matter for Scout -- still dressed for success -- she had everyone in the house astounded by her athletic prowess - making mommy just beam.
Marilyn moment
Favorite new Big Girl friend Ava Robinson

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beam Me Up Scoutie

Why not reach for the sun, moon and stars? I said to Scout, ooooh today is Planetarium Day for K108- PS 87.  Her response?  "Yeah but it's only a walk."
It's ALL about the novelty of the school bus for the cosmopolitan kindergarten set. For parents it is one of the many gifts of living across the street from the Natural History Museum. 
I wish we had a dress with stars or planets as a wee  
nod to your trip to the moon. Drat I wish I hadn't sold that bold tiered crewcuts star embossed dress on ebay!
While Scout fills her belly with an astronaut style bowl of oats, she just happens to be sporting her STAR print j crewcuts, ala dolce and gabbana, cozy pj's set , 30% off the already on sale price - so we nabbed the two pieces for under $20.  
When I suggested her ISMODERN top, skirt set currently featured on their site, with the large blue orbs could be thought of as planets, Scout gamely pronounced, yes,yes like the Little Prince's Blue Planet!"  
Why yes precisely.  
The outfit has tiny adorable sparkle detailing on the skirt pockets which Scout, of course, reflects in her moon boots for the new millennium--they along with the white puffer vest are Old Navy together under $25. The Louis Vuitton bag in the window belongs to a patron of our new corner coffee shop and The Princess Leia side buns are the model's own. Beam me up Scoutie.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scout and Her Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat Ala Missoni

Zig Zag this-while Mommy was chasing Kennedys in a courthouse up north, Scoutie got dressed with a little help from Missoni. If Missoni had made Garanimals this would have been the prize outfit. Luckily in the target frenzy Auntie Malia said oh you must buy the floral print matching velvet jacket. At $44, it nearly gave me a heart attack. There is even a matching cardigan but it was so warm she opted to pack it in her backpack. The dress and cardigan prices were slightly easier to take at $17 and $22 respectively. Hopefully the re-sale value on ebay will be high.  Scoutie knew on her own that the boots were a definite match. It's in the  multi colored DNA. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Flaunting Anglophile Flair

Gray skies, rain drops, wellies and Nova Check makes us dream of our trips to London. Scout is sporting her red Zara trench coat we picked up for $4 at a yard sale in the Hamptons. Her Nova Check faux Burberry scarf from a boutique on Main Street in Southampton reflects her real burberry navy wool felt sailor skirt we found brandy new with tags at a yard sale in Southampton for $20.  Her Crewcuts black cashmere bolero? we dug that outta the bins and probably cost about a quarter.  Same goes for her satin-y black and white gingham check button down.  I love mixing navy and black for a chic twist on the expected. Rain or shine no matter, Scout's ready to go puddle jumpin' with her good pal Shawn.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rich Lush Dark Chocolate Hues Good Enough to Eat

Rich Dark Chocolate Hues Good Enough to Drink 

Scout has been  dreaming of our first snow and it finally came to be.  Lucky we just scored this Andrew Marc for kids Chocolate brown three quarters length chic down jacket during our weekly thrift hunt yesterday. For a boost of style I cinched it up with the leather belt i took off a mans vintage shearling duster riding coat this morning and topped with her leather bomber.  Not sure the intent was for Scout to look like a 1940's airman, but it certainly agrees with her.  She turned heads at every turn on our sunday stroll.

Despite the chill, we ventured out for our bi-weekly stint at trader joe's.  one never knows whom they might run in to at our local haunt.  Scout is warm, stylish, and comfy in her H&M horse intarsia print sweater dress $19.99, fabulous mocha cable knit leggings with the adorable buttons down the ankle $12.99, mom's chocolate brown faux fur silk tie neck warmer $2, her H&M flesh colored tunic with the silver stars ala dolce & gabbana but with the H&M price tag $12.99, and to keep her brown sludge snow jumping legs dry - her hunter rain boots we scored half price from J. Crewcuts.  Scout loves the sampling at Trader Joe's and today is no exception, the mac & cheese with soy chorizo was a hit.  She is saute-ing her chorizo as we file.  Warm cozy winter lunch at a thrifty price.


Who woulda thunk that salmon and plums would be so delightful together?  Scout is preparing for the first snow with unfettered excitement in our Anthropologie Lia Molly salmon and metallic gold knit flower applique knit hat $14.99, Jacadi deep wild salmon wool classic toggle coat a dollar, stella mccartney deep plum henley $20, cotton chocolate plum pom pom sweater $12, incredible modern abstract patchwork full skirt by kico for anthropologie $34 and her mini boden leather riders $65. She is ready to run with the storm with the best of them.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Brrrrrr furrrrrr
can't go wrong with a silk rose splash of red
 oooh i just love a monochromatic themed outfit.  and oh charcoal gray is so lovely, rich and oh so sophisticated on a little peanut. Scout is wearing an ISMODERN shift. 
http://ismodern.com/zen/ i discovered the brand one day on a stroll down Amsterdam Avenue right in our hood.  They had dresses on sale for 50% off (of course) and the print and detail and quality was so good i immediately googled the designer on-line and have been an ISMODERN SALE devotee since....you'll be seeing the outfit currently featured on the site on our Scout fashion filers soon.

Today to ward off the January chill, Scout has on the wonderfully thick cotton-lined rich charcoal marl long sleeved ismodern shift with wonderful medieval style puff shoulder.  the fur well, is mine, that i added and was quite pleased with myself, i might add.  It is so simple and cheap to add a tiny touch that puts the ensemble right over the top to turn an everyday outfit in to a stand-out.  You can always find stray collars, cuffs and other wonderful scraps of fur and faux (if you are opposed to the real deal) at thrift stores-- i have accumulated quite the collection of bibs and bobs of cozy additions.  In keeping with my favorite -- an animal theme, we paired the dress with her subtle black on charcoal, GAP leopard print tight and her black on gray, zebra print GAP wool pea coat.  

The GAP had an entire line of animal print goods, a couple of years ago and I stocked up at the store in Westport CT -- and paid full price. shame shame.  never fear fellow Recessionistas, the coat is getting a bit snug, so it's almost time to post it on ebay.  I will say, the quality of the GAP items was not great, so re-sale opportunities are slim on this particular line.  Scout found her adorable Hartstrings velvet flats on one of our hunts and we managed to pick them up recently for $2.99.  her faux fur trapper topper is well mine and it's DKNY. Scout is ready for her urban safari.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


we scooped up this incredible kico knit for anthropologie long cardigan sweater coat for a song at the 50% off the already on sale price items sale pre-christmas $59. it is delightfully patterned -- will have to get a full picture when she stops long enough for a snap. can you imagine my delight when i paired it with Scout's ISMODERN exotic print a-line skirt that I got 75% off for $14 -- and it was all in the same color wheel?  along with her rust sequined covered j crewcuts shell $20, she is ready for just about anything.  scout is warm blooded and always seems to be hanging from the scaffolding in the hood, so we layer, layer, layer to keep her warm and cool and comfortable.  Scout topped off her look with her gold sparkle boots Old Navy 9.99 because she didn't think the sequins were enough and for an added layer of warmth her faux fur janie and jack gillet for 4.99 -- with that she is ready to hang with the best of them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bon Jour! Mon Ami. Why not add a splash of red?

Today is gym day at PS 87 so we're all about comfort and ease in the most french stylish of ways. It's all about the crayola bright pants this Spring -- Europeans are buying them up in droves -- we managed to snag this red denim stretch pant early at the mini boden christmas sale for a song to the tune of $14. Her supergas we got 60% off at J. crewcuts when i bought a pair in every color every size every style to keep Scout outfitted in them for a few years.  Her delightful stripe-y socks actually are French and are from Petit Bateau where I paid $8 (gulp), i confess, i know, but sometimes a wee accessory can make the outfit.  Her little blazer knit jacket is crewcuts sample sale $15, quilted coat and hat GAP total $6.99, french nautical stripe scarf is TAR-JAY 3.99, and under it all her nautical french striped shirt is H & M 4.99.  When beating the boys at kickball, may as well look fabulous doing it. Allons-y!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Green Apple A Day

One of our first chilly days here in Manhattan - Scout in her vintage adventurous style, is sporting her "Lindberg" proper leather shearling trapper flight cap that we got for about a dime. Her apple print cotton classic shift dress from J. Crewcuts $24 at the post Christmas sale is layered up with her Lili Gaufrette french hot chocolate cardigan with bows - a gift from her uber stylish Auntie Malia who couldn't resist it when it went on sale. The scarf is a thrifty find - a purple Scottish wool Scarf about 25 cents; Stella McCartney turquoise and teal striped tights $15, and Stella McCartney deep plum henley $20; purple suede boots purchased at the TK Maxx in Scotland with Auntie Kim $29; topped with a GAP nod to the classic British quilted rain gear driving jacket 5.99.