Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scout and Her Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat Ala Missoni

Zig Zag this-while Mommy was chasing Kennedys in a courthouse up north, Scoutie got dressed with a little help from Missoni. If Missoni had made Garanimals this would have been the prize outfit. Luckily in the target frenzy Auntie Malia said oh you must buy the floral print matching velvet jacket. At $44, it nearly gave me a heart attack. There is even a matching cardigan but it was so warm she opted to pack it in her backpack. The dress and cardigan prices were slightly easier to take at $17 and $22 respectively. Hopefully the re-sale value on ebay will be high.  Scoutie knew on her own that the boots were a definite match. It's in the  multi colored DNA. 

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