Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beam Me Up Scoutie

Why not reach for the sun, moon and stars? I said to Scout, ooooh today is Planetarium Day for K108- PS 87.  Her response?  "Yeah but it's only a walk."
It's ALL about the novelty of the school bus for the cosmopolitan kindergarten set. For parents it is one of the many gifts of living across the street from the Natural History Museum. 
I wish we had a dress with stars or planets as a wee  
nod to your trip to the moon. Drat I wish I hadn't sold that bold tiered crewcuts star embossed dress on ebay!
While Scout fills her belly with an astronaut style bowl of oats, she just happens to be sporting her STAR print j crewcuts, ala dolce and gabbana, cozy pj's set , 30% off the already on sale price - so we nabbed the two pieces for under $20.  
When I suggested her ISMODERN top, skirt set currently featured on their site, with the large blue orbs could be thought of as planets, Scout gamely pronounced, yes,yes like the Little Prince's Blue Planet!"  
Why yes precisely.  
The outfit has tiny adorable sparkle detailing on the skirt pockets which Scout, of course, reflects in her moon boots for the new millennium--they along with the white puffer vest are Old Navy together under $25. The Louis Vuitton bag in the window belongs to a patron of our new corner coffee shop and The Princess Leia side buns are the model's own. Beam me up Scoutie.

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