Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treasure Hunting Does Your Heart Race When You Get a Great Deal?

Scout is getting an early start in the thrill of a great deal.  Recessionista has numerous sources for finding amazing gems for a fraction of the original cost. And you do too in a spot near you.  It isn't cheap - it's smart, chic and green.On this day, Scout and I venture to our favorite charity event "Buy the Bag." Stuff as many bags as you like and for $25 a bag we often turn that in to hundreds on ebay.  

On this blustery morning, Scout takes a break for her snack and a little Oscar film screen on her IPAD while mom examines the treasures for stains moth holes and the like. She is wearing her northface denali windstopper $2 and our fav working pants heavy gauge cotton Hanna Anderson black boot leg stretch pants 4.99 at Goodwill.
On this day we found Gucci, Prada, Steven Alan, Anne Fontaine, Patagonia, The North Face and mom's favorite an incredible bright vintage navajo print cardigan sweater by Ralph Lauren.
Favorite new designer find incredible print dress by Polarn O. Pyret 
Afterwards we showered up and took our ebay shipment to the post office - not our favorite place but Scout got to pick up the glamorous high heels ala Suri Cruise from her Aunt Courtney who bought these for a song at Marshall's.  She promptly said oh Mommy we must go out to dinner so I can wear them.


  1. this is fabulous. and suri has nothing on scout. nothing i tell you!!! xo

  2. awwww thanks so much Meg -- and we both thank you for becoming a Recessionista follower!!

  3. Love following you and scout on your trails. We would love to see snaps of some of your finds as well as a list of when these fill a bag days occur. We need more info from you on how to become recessionista shoppers ourselves! Xx

  4. Brilliant ideas as always DB -- absolutely will share snaps of our favorite finds and add more delicious tips on thrifty shopping and living the life on a shoestring!