Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Little Mermaid

You can find a plethora of children's costuming treasures at second-hand stores. We have chests full of tutus, wigs and boas for endless hours of fun. Scout had her big show for her final Musical Theatre class today. She had announced a couple of weeks ago that she is a Mermaid so she needed to grab her mermaid costume at the beach house. So she did -- I think we paid 2 dollars for it a couple of years ago and she almost actually fits in it.  We topped it off with a as many as mommy's sea lady shell necklaces as she could carry and put her hair in to a celebrity-style fishtail of course.  Scout's day wear today was another irresistible number for Missoni for Target with its matching zig zagged hemmed leggings and her Prada sneakers $29 at Nordstorm's off the rack would be $220 at Prada. And the sea nymphs are singing, 
Missoni by day, Mermaid by night.
fishtail and pearls for the magical mermaid

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