Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Predictions of a wintry mix of sleet and snow and it's gym day today, so cozy, comfy all in shades of eggplant and plum pudding are the theme this morning. Scout's eggplant leather headband is from anthropologie majorly discounted down to $4 ; the plum Stella half button henley has already made numerous appearances here (ahhh such a good buy), just got the deep eggplant fine skinny leg corduroys out of the bins last weekend originally from target by cherokee -- good for basics; the coat too out of the bins by jacadi; sweater is baby gap and has just the right bit of detailing to be subtle modern and tasteful also Da Bins! the raspberry supergas are divine with this and she even has a great dark chocolate knee high with raspberry polka dots -- just lucky i guess.


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