Thursday, February 16, 2012

Urban Apres Ski Look

urban apres ski look

Ooooh I just love any sort of nordic inspired wool cozy jumper. We love to go to our neighborhood french spot le pain de quotidienne on the weekends for the perfectly gratifying soft boiled eggs and soldiers. We happen to be missing the chill in new york at the moment but this was just before we left. Scout's hand knit, no label, sweater was found in the bins, as was the taupe-ish real rabbit fur topper. The taupe, long sleeved, super soft tee with  sweet hint of gather at the neckline, that is in the same color vein as the stripe in the sweater, is by Neige  We found it in the bins on a particularly fruitful day, there were numerous, expensive pieces donated from a little girl just about Scout's size. Neige, french for snow, is all that it purports, sophisticated comfort and ease and NOT overwrought with bright colors, loud prints and tacky fabrics. I am not big on the healthtex look as you might imagine and it does indeed make Scout stand out, but in a modern, chic way. This top is now on sale for $23 from $46 -- we of course paid about a dime for it but if you had to have a piece or two, I am happy to report, there is a 50% sale on at the moment. Let it Neige.

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