Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jes Maharry Jewelry Treasures Infused with The Power of Love

Jes Maharry Jewelry
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My dear friend, artist and jewelry designer extraordinaire Jes Maharry, is such a gem. True beauty inside and out - what she creates, is so much more than mere adornments - check out her site - you will be blown away by the energy infused in to each piece.  My fave my sterling cuff, with the beautiful black bird she rescued featured front and center, was literally buzzing when she placed it on my arm.  Now I'm afraid to not wear it.  I am one to have a constant arm party and I always feature numerous of Jes' pieces in the affair.  
Check out her site - she always has great sales AND such fun Facebook contests - you too could win one of her works of art for free!