Friday, February 3, 2012


Scout is sporting two of our favorite knits together today.  Not sure anyone in their right mind would wear them at the same time but how delightful it is to be covered in swinging monkeys and pollinating birds all at once. In shades of orange chocolate brown mustard and gold they somehow work married in the same color wheel.
Both Lia Molly for Anthropologie -- I got them once they were on sale 50% off of half price off the original.  The sweater coat is a size 2 and meant to be a long sleeved dress -- no matter, keep the thrifty value going - it still looks great as a cardigan with 3/4 sleeves.  The intarsia knit dress has a humming bird feeding on a mustard colored three dimensional flower applique.  We're cozy in our nod to this week's Spring-like weather.  


  1. Double blended Sugar Free Ice Blended Mocha Please. No Whip. You're killin' me.

  2. thought of you when she plopped in to the chair!! need to order one sounds deliciously divine -- we always seem to dashing by :) did take a moment to sit at sarabeth's this AM and contemplate my show pitch -- had an incredible meeting with CBS News Productions yesterday. Next stop OWN. If only we weren't on our way to Cecelia's house....