Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'll Tumble For You

We are big fans of layering -- and we just scoured this little furry gilet by Indigo in our thrifty bins for basically FREE at the Housing Works Thrift Shop Buy by the Bag event which is held most Saturdays at their warehouse in Long Island City.
Best to buy an hour of power ticket.
Scout is also wearing her Ismodern faux fur cream cotton lined coat with her dusty rose stella mccartney tunic and her lilli gaufrette sequined paisley wool tweed skirt and her stella crocheted leggings.  Easy breezy clothes so she can tumble to glory at her Circus Gymnastics Show.
The feather clip she bought at the Dollar store for well a dollar.

Lucky for us, Loving, Stylish Auntie Katie came to show her support. Then it was off for skinny margaritas for the moms and Mexican Hot Chocolate for the Gymnast.

1 comment:

  1. love that scout is turning in to such a great gymnast. ps what are those giant doughnut fried rings shes eating?! they look amazing. is that some mexican specialty im missing out on? ps love how thrifty yet stylish u r.