Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love love love my mini valentine
While Mom's covering the tragic LOVE case, Scoutie gets to spend her days on adventures with her beloved Cecelia.  Luckily Recessionista was able to duck out of court on the lunch recess so we could have a Valentine's celebration of love at Rapture on the quaint little Charlottesville mall. 
Scoutie is thrifty thrifty thrifty all decked in her pink and red.  The sparkly red cotton cardigan is from target though purchased at Goodwill with the tags still attached $5 and her adorable asian inspired faux wrap ruffle front pink dress is the gap but we got it for a dollar at GW -- and it too still had the tags on it.  Underneath it all, she has a pink with red apples print claasen tank that is just too adorable for words also $5.  
Even the ever frugal Cece is all in theme in her pink red and heart adornments.  Mom is in a red wool vintage inspired shift that is Banana Republic but scored at GW for $7.99. And with our secret weapon, industrial strength steamer - it was clean and ready for wear in minutes.  the uber long divine cardigan by duro olowu london little known British designer, was a major score outta the bins, so while we paid probably the equivalent of a dollar for the sweater it was probably close to $1000 retail.  There were kisses and hugs and love all around and we all looked the part for nothing while doing it. now you gotta LOVE that.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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