Monday, January 30, 2012

For You Cecelia: Kickin' It Into High Gear

Scout's a busy bee with an elaborate social calendar.  This weekend was like a dream come true, Scout spent most of it in an indoor pool at a truly magnificent house in the Hamptons.  For the landlubbers there was castle hopping, cooking, and soccer.
fake left go right
Scout is in her DVF mock up black jersey knit wrap dress with her navy cashmere crewcuts anchor intarsia print cardigan sweater which I paid $35 at the J Crew Sample Sale, worth every penny -- a real go to when playing by the sea.  The combo is all her own including the add of her Mini Boden brown leather boots. Mom always said, make sure you've got cute (ok she said clean) undergarments, cuz you just never know. Scout's always well prepared in her amazing printed Claasen wear, picked up at Building 19 with Auntie Malia for about 2 bucks a piece. In this case, she has on her classic camouflage print boy shorts.  The unique style choices for a little game of yard "football" was no matter for Scout -- still dressed for success -- she had everyone in the house astounded by her athletic prowess - making mommy just beam.
Marilyn moment
Favorite new Big Girl friend Ava Robinson

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