Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rich Lush Dark Chocolate Hues Good Enough to Eat

Rich Dark Chocolate Hues Good Enough to Drink 

Scout has been  dreaming of our first snow and it finally came to be.  Lucky we just scored this Andrew Marc for kids Chocolate brown three quarters length chic down jacket during our weekly thrift hunt yesterday. For a boost of style I cinched it up with the leather belt i took off a mans vintage shearling duster riding coat this morning and topped with her leather bomber.  Not sure the intent was for Scout to look like a 1940's airman, but it certainly agrees with her.  She turned heads at every turn on our sunday stroll.

Despite the chill, we ventured out for our bi-weekly stint at trader joe's.  one never knows whom they might run in to at our local haunt.  Scout is warm, stylish, and comfy in her H&M horse intarsia print sweater dress $19.99, fabulous mocha cable knit leggings with the adorable buttons down the ankle $12.99, mom's chocolate brown faux fur silk tie neck warmer $2, her H&M flesh colored tunic with the silver stars ala dolce & gabbana but with the H&M price tag $12.99, and to keep her brown sludge snow jumping legs dry - her hunter rain boots we scored half price from J. Crewcuts.  Scout loves the sampling at Trader Joe's and today is no exception, the mac & cheese with soy chorizo was a hit.  She is saute-ing her chorizo as we file.  Warm cozy winter lunch at a thrifty price.

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