Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Search of Our Charming Prints

Pardon our brief absence, Recessionista has by necessity had to focus on ebay sales the last few weeks after being on the road for CBS.
It is wonderfully warm in New York today so we brought out our designer prints.  This blog has made me realize my love affair with stella mccartney.  scout's dress is stella bought 50% off on -line, the shoes Bloch and the ISMODERN lightweight faux fur is one of our easy favorites. Scout will be stripped down by early pick up today. Mom couldn't resist throwing on her Marni for H&M ethnic mixed print maxi dress purchased on-line from a price gauging ebay seller coupled with my Christian Dior bag that Sarah Jessica Parker actually carried in the Sex and the City Series, ahh the benefits of shopping the Hamptons yard sales - you run in to big time stylists' sales.
The necklace is GAS bijoux that i paid so much for I can't type it here lest i hear about my foolishness from Sara Rodriguez. The cashmere shawl I picked up in Morocco many moons ago. A little glamorous for Kindergarten drop-off but really why not?

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