Friday, March 16, 2012


ahhh a wet North Wind has blown our glorious Spring tease to the back of our closet with our floral prints....for now. I just picked up this adorable spring baby deer tunic dress at H&M -- i love deer prints and the ecru background is divine on my wee blonde muse.  topped off with her cozy patagonia "fur" - she is ready for a chilly romp on the playground.

i can't help but think of gray on days like today.One should probably throw on a sunny yellow or tangerine orange cashmere cardigan but we don't have any so this ismodern puff shoulder double layer charcoal gray cozy dress over her zebra print leggings from GAP and hunter rain boots still makes for a favorite rainy day outfit.
To brighten up Scout's gray duds we popped on her "new" coral puffer from j. crew -- the ruffle around the neck makes it over the top cute -- we got it in the bins last week -- it looks brand new -- but we paid oh about a quarter for it.  I wish it was one size bigger but we'll put it on line and make 30 bucks on it after she's gotten a little wear out of it.
That's right MAKE money on clothes she wears.
want to know what is almost as good as her thrifty threads? the paris leather club chair Scout is lounging in was FREE -- the patagonia store around the corner was throwing it out. with the help of neighbors i finally got it in to my apartment and the cushion came up as we stuffed it through the door -- i see the restoration hardware tag -- that's right $2700 chair for free.  love love love sitting in it and at that price my love is immeasurable.


  1. the furniture gods were smiling down on you. that chair is stellar!!! only in nyc.

  2. in it with my tea as we write my babe on the arm...heaven....particularly delicious because we have just been sitting in our dining for years.