Monday, March 19, 2012


Always Glitter Always Shiiiine

Mad rush Mondays, i call them after our ebay sales go through the roof on Saturdays and Sundays, it's mad wrapping, packing, labeling and shipping -- and then it's a mad dash to school. More and more Scoutie wants to be ready to run, so comfort is a must - we just got these GAP skinnies in the bins on Saturday and by Saturday afternoon, they were sent to the laundry.  The wonderful toggle sweater is brand new, i suspect J. crew though the tags were cut out -- but also cost about a dollar outta the bins, the Gryphon sequin gilet also the bins; and the classic striped cotton knit sweater, I just bought at H&M so go grab one -- it's high quality and who couldn't use a fresh one?  This is our staple uniform but now that everyone is wearing it, we're going to be coming up with new twists on the classic.  why not throw some sequins in to the nautical mix. "always sparkle," we always say.

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