Friday, March 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Oh Wait I Meant The Other One, Cinderella Cinderella

What a treat this little show at Lincoln Center is...I was delighted when Scout's teacher Ms. Davis asked me to help escort the class to Cinderella.
It was a beautiful early spring like morning but I am still old school and think one should "dress for the theatre." Many of the mothers complimented Scout and me for "dressing,"  I thought it odd no one else was dressed including the conductor and the orchestra -- just a throwback, i guess. And to me "dress rehearsal" has many connotations.
For the Princess in all of us, I thought Scoutie should feel as close to being able to hop up on the stage should Cinderella take a spill as is possible, no? With a little help from her Fairy Mother, she is in her stunning Stella McCartney silk chiffon ecru dress paired with her J. crewcuts floral applique metallic bolero and her crown "jewels?" from Goodwill - just what the humble, and thrifty Cinderella would have worn.


  1. she's fabulous. and i agree. who doesn't dress for the theatre?!!! scout is beautiful. xo

    1. awww thank you meg -- they are delightful our wee angels. princesses inside and out.