Friday, September 21, 2012

If Your Clothes Could Talk? Chanel, Shanghai Tang, Dosa, St. John

...Well let us be frank, my dating wardrobe has to sign very strict Scientology-esque, Iron-clad, Non-Disclosure Agreements. 

I've gone through a lot of other women's closets lately and I can't help but wonder, what stories do they have to tell?  There have been numerous estate sales in my town – where homeowners have hired outside firms to sell the entire contents of their home.  Little gives me as much pleasure as digging through someone else’s finery; that may soon be mine, to wear,  sell,  give away,  just look at, or whatever. 

At times though the energy in one’s closet can be overwhelming. In one Quogue woman’s bedroom, I had the distinct, eerie feeling that the wearer of these clothes was no longer with us.  Indeed the estate runners said, she had died, just 10 days earlier…cancer. 

She had such beautiful clothes... so many clothes,  endless shoes, bags, purses, furs etc…divine outfits with stories to tell…I peeked with a heavy heart…kind of sad, thinking, she wouldn’t get to wear them again.  What would she think of giving them new life?

Today I went to a great sale – tune in soon for the Louis Vuitton bag I scored there… the woman of the house is getting divorced – needs to shed a skin or two – start fresh. 

What does your closet need? What would it say about you?   This past weekend a dear friend brought me oodles of treasures from her mom’s closet to sell.  Time for my friend's mom and her dad to downsize. She isn’t one who likes certain kinds of attention, so I'll try to not out her, out of  her closet, so to speak, here. You might think her stylish fashion choices betray that desire to blend. 

A gifted mother, and grandmother,  really she is a “mother” to all of her adult children’s friends’ families. Her style beautifully reflects the Hawaiian in her soul and her signature role as the matriarch of their entire "Ohana" – extended family, friends, family of friends, and so on.

She has the taste of the finest of fine; phenomenal taste, earthy with flair; a unique style – clothes with a sense of adventure and finery that evoke dreams of the far away places her adventurous spirit has taken her…oh did i mention the sequins??  and comfortable shoes, oodles of comfortable shoes.  A style after my own heart.  All listed on ebay so you can see and BUY some of her treasures, Chanel jacket, St. John jacket, Shanghai tang stunning scarves, Michael Simon cardigan, Dosa 3 piece silk outfit and more here:
CHANEL PARIS Eggplant with Sparkle Asymmetrical Jacket

St. John black watch-esque tartan plaid santana knit jacket 
Jimmy Hourihan's made in Ireland tweed overcoat


Michael Simon treasure

Shanghai Tang silk embroidered butterfly Shawl

Calypso Christiane Celle Midnight silk shantung empire waist dress


Dosa Asian Inspired Jacket
Dosa matching silk pants

GAP stunning sequin jacket

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  1. It has been a long, long time my dear since spoke to you last! I was happily surprised to see this blog and started to look at your fashion on it! It was also wonderful to see Scout growing up! Greg has 2 sons, Julian age 11 will be 12 in August this year and Henry 7, who will be 8 this upcoming February! Tony is still not married! How have you been my dear? If you would only know how much I miss you and your mom! If you still have contact with her, please give her my love ok?