Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Single Parisienne Purchase

My first experience with Paris and Naf Naf was on my first trip to Europe to play soccer in 1985. At the Naf Naf on the Champs Elysees I purchased my first French Breton nautical striped cotton top.  Scout picked up this NAF NAF putty wool sweater with lovely victorian lace cuffs on her first trip to Paris.  We Recessionistas, did not of course have much cash for frivolous shopping whilst in Paris however we did pick up this wonderful putty pink which is a color that is stunning on most blondes. Scout had outgrown her Goodwill cashmere cardigan so she was due for a replacement. It was about the equivalent of $45 which is a great deal more than I like to spend on sweaters that will so quickly be outgrown but we will get a great deal of wear out of this particular shade of pink.  We paired it with her H&M charcoal star printed putty tunic, her feather print J. Crewcuts full cotton A-line skirt, some cheapy TJ Maxx gray marl leggings and her charcoal leather headband from Anthropologie.

Scout also tried on this stunning putty evening gown at Naf Naf which would have been perfect for the Costume Ball at the Met, but alas we were not invited this year. At a shocking sticker price of 150 Euros, we opted for the ol' try-on and photo op. Price?  FREE.

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