Friday, July 20, 2012


OOOh I just love that my bin diving; my goodwill hunting; and the purchasing of these handsome,chic and trendy bags all help others.  Of course the divine, unique designs of these little treasures by Dutzi, purchased 40% off of the 50% off original price, at one of my favorite shops, Steven Alan, help inspire me to part with my helpful dollars.

Dutzi Design Project was created by Ariane Dutzi, a former fashion editor who lived in New York and Paris before moving to the Yucatan. Inspired by her philosophy, that business is about more than making money, she created Dutzi to help Mayan women to make some money on their own. Each woman is her own boss and gets paid per bag she makes enabling them to help their family and their community. And I get to carry my fab suede leather tarzan-esque burlap bags on our budget adventure to Paris, London and Faro with Holly....a win win.

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